Prepared Foods

Pasta Dishes

 Penne Vodka
 Fried Ravioli
Analetti Al Forno
Pasta w/ Ham & Peas
Chicken w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes
Cavatelli & Brocolli
Gnocchi w/ Zucchini & Sun Dried Tomatoes
Orecchiette St. Joseph
Meat Lasagna
Stuffed Shells
Baked Ziti
Vegetable Lasagna

Homemade Pasta Sauces

Available in 16oz. and 32oz. 
Meat Sauce
Vodka Sauce
Marinara Sauce

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Parmigiana
Terriaki Chicken
Grilled Chicken w/ Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers
& Provolone
Grilled Chicken w/ Bruschetta & Fresh Mozzerella
Grilled Chicken w/ Angel Hair Pasta, Spinach, Garlic & Oil
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Cutlets
Grilled Chicken Cutlets
Terriaki Chicken Wings
BuffaloChicken Wings
Chicken Meatballs
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Francese
Double Stuffed Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Balsamic
Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Rabe

Vegetable Dishes

Peppers & Provolone
Eggplant Stackers
Roasted Potatoes
Grilled Vegetables
Eggplant Caponata
Zucchini Sticks
Fried Cauliflower
Sicilian Eggplant
Portobello Stack
Stuffed Artichokes
Zucchini Rolls
Sauteed Broccoli
Roasted Granny Peppers
Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant Rollatini
Stuffed Mushrooms
Butternut Squash
Broccoli Rabe
Stuffed Peppers w/ Prosciutto & Provolone
Marinated Eggplant
Potato Knish
Stuffed Peppers w/ Breadcrumbs
Marinated Artichokes
Stuffed Peppers w/ Salami & Sun Dried Tomatoes
Roasted Peppers
Marinated Mushrooms
Grilled Artichokes & Stems
Stuffed Peppers w/ Goat Cream Cheese
Stuffed Peppers w/ Prosciutto & Provolone
String Beans Almondine
Escarole & Beans

Fish Dishes

Coconut Shrimp
Clams Oreganata
Talapia Oscar
Red Snapper
Seafood Salad

Sausage Dishes

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe
Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Rabe
Sausage & Peppers

Meat Dishes

Meatballs & Sauce
Beef Meatballs
Shepard’s Pie

Rice Dishes

Rice w/ Vegetables
Large Sicilian Rice Balls
Small Sicilian Rice Balls
Plain Rice Balls
Spinach Rice Balls
Prosciutto Rice Balls


See Take Out Menu for even more sandwiches!

Large Focaccia w/ Fried Chicken, Roasted Peppers & Mozzerella
Medium Focaccia w/ Grilled Chicken, Broccoli Rabe & Mozzerella
Medium Focaccia w/ Fried Chicken, Roasted Peppers & Mozzerella
Stuffed Bread w/ Sausage & Peppers
Stuffed Bread w/ Chicken Parmigian


See Take Out menu for more salads

Mozzerella & Tomato Salad
Tortellini Salad
Analetti Salad w/ Chopped Meat & Peas
Ravioletti Salad w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers & Scallions
Fusilli Salad w/ Grilled Vegetables
Orzo Salad
Three Bean Salad
Pasta Salad w/ Spinach, Feta Cheese & Olives
Barley Salad
Ravioletti Salad w/ Bruschetta
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad
Fettuccini Summer Salad
Cucumber Salad w/ Tomatoes & Onions
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Cole Slaw
Tuna Salad
Pasta Bruschetta Salad

Miscellaneous Items

Mozzerella Sticks
Mozzerella en Carozza
Black Olives & Hot Cherry Peppers
Mozzerella Knots
Garlic Knots
Assorted Olives
Cerignola Olives
Fresh Mozzeralla
Rice Pudding
Fresh Ricotta
Prosciutto Bread
Stuffed Olives

Seasonal Items

Pizza Rustica


Made Fresh Daily – See Specials for Today’s Soup

Available in 16oz. and 32oz.
Italian Wedding
Pasta Fagioli
Bean Soup
Chicken Noodle
Split Pea
Butternut Squash
Mushroom Barley